Commercial Applications

Commercial Building strip mall

Whether you’re looking to insulate a warehouse, office space, hotels or sporting venues, cellulose insulation is up to the task. Suitable for wood or steel frame commercial and industrial construction Weathershield offers an effective economical means to insulate a building and can be used to solve the toughest thermal and/or acoustical problem.

With its superior thermal properties and its ability to fill all gaps, you can rest assured that by using Weathershield you will create a comfortable air tight building space. Weathershield is versatile and ideally suited for difficult-to-insulate structures because it can be quickly and easily blown into irregular spaces to form a tight and continuous barrier.

In various application in walls and floors, our products can also be used to attenuate sound in between noisy offices or hotel rooms, creating a quiet and enjoyable environment. In addition to being an eco-friendly product, Weathershield is specially-treated with non-toxic fire resistant chemical for added fire safety.

The net result is lower heating and cooling costs as well as capital cost savings through the ability to downsize the heating system (e.g. furnace size).


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Save Energy with Cellulose Insulation

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