As a builder/contractor, you are faced with a number of options when it comes to insulating the homes you build. In a tough economic and very competitive market, you need to choose a product that is affordable yet performing.

Consumers in this digital age, are well informed and doing their research on the abundance of insulating materials available. This is why you need to make the right choice, one that’s naturally superior … cellulose insulation.

Thermal Performance

Our products provide a seamless coverage filling all gaps and voids reducing the potential for air leakage. At a stable R-value of 3.8 per inch, cellulose insulation can be used in attics, walls, floors for optimal thermal results. Find out more on the thermal features..


Cellulose Insulation is very effective at controlling sound attenuation and in some assemblies can be used to reach an STC of 65+. Find out more on the acoustical properties

Fire Resistance

Cellulose can provide 22 to 55 % more fire resistance due to its specially-treated fibers that will slow the spread of a fire by up to an hour, allowing building occupants more time to reach safety. Cellulose undergoes stringent testing for combustion, flame spread, flammability and combustion and meets all the requirements as set out in CAN/ULC S703 / S102.2 / S130. Find out more about the fire resistance properties of cellulose

And, if these performance features aren’t enough to convince you, our products are very eco-friendly and affordable making them attractive to your customers and profitable for your business. Find out more on the customer benefits here.

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Save Energy with Cellulose Insulation

Making the right choice to insulate your home with Cellulose insulation will not only save you money by using less energy to heat and cool your home; but also has less of an impact on the…Save Energy with Cellulose Insulation